“… by any means necessary…”


some pics from the PTO/Board dinner… thx, PTO, Board Members, and Dr. Ghazali!

i luv the first 4 pics! thx for the pics, Yazan S!

click here to see the pics in a new window…


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busy, busy, busy…


hello, Everyone!

i hope all’s well. i’m quite busy these days. hence the lack of posts/entries on my blog.

i had just enough time to post the above picture onto my blog. it’s from Iman. thanks, Iman. it’s pretty cute. enjoy.

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Islamic Horizons, January/February 2007.

Source/From:  National News / Congress Gets First Muslim Lawmaker.

Here are some random excerpt(s) from this article:

… [CAIR], an umbrella organization linking eleven Islamic organizations. Mahdi Bray, executive director of the Muslim American Society (MAS), compared [Keith] Ellison’s victory to Edward Brooke’s election in 1966 as the first black senator since the 1870s.

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Superbowl Poetry (an oxymoron?)


Consider football,

On the upcoming Superbowl.

Like Urlacher the wall,

The Bears are on a roll.

Sunny Miami calls,

With backs finding the holes.

Indy may fall,

Nothing in sight but the goal.


[If you’ve finished reading the poem, you probably realize why I ain’t no poet. Now I may not be a poet, but I will say this: I have a prediction about the game on Superbowl Sunday. And that prediction is read by looking at the first letter of each line.  Of course, you could have guessed which team I’m rooting for by glancing at the text and highlight colors!]


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Correct Answer, by Jack McCallum

“Correct Answer,” by Jack McCallum. Sports Illustrated magazine. January 8, 2007.

Here are some totally random excerpts from this article.  There is seemingly no rationale for the excerpts I have chosen.  It may even be unwise to read these excerpts, because, like I said, there is no sense to them.


… [Iverson] says, “I’m lickin’ my lips all the time” because they’re chapped from the cold.

… Iverson, whose only trip to the Finals with the 76ers, in 2001…

… the Dec. 16 Madison Square Garden melee…

(See, among others: Kobe-Shaq, The Last Years.)

… [Iverson]… donned the powder blue and yellow…

Guard DerMarr Johnson took number 8, willingly ceding his 3 to Iverson.

And unless the Nuggets are total dolts…

… there is the buzz in the seven-year-old Pepsi Center that hasn’t been there since, well, ever.

… because of his pell-mell style…

“Whatever Coach wants me to do,” said Iverson. “I’m just a general in his army.”

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mon.jan.22: Where is the Love?

What’s wrong with the world, mama
People livin’ like they ain’t got no mamas
I think the whole world addicted to the drama
Only attracted to things that’ll bring you trauma


People killin’, people dyin’
Children hurt and you hear them cryin’
Can you practice what you preach
And would you turn the other cheek



I feel the weight of the world on my shoulder
As I’m gettin’ older, y’all, people gets colder
Most of us only care about money makin’
Selfishness got us followin’ our wrong direction
Wrong information always shown by the media
Negative images is the main criteria
Infecting the young minds faster than bacteria
Kids wanna act like what they see in the cinema
Yo’, whatever happened to the values of humanity
Whatever happened to the fairness in equality
Instead of spreading love we’re spreading animosity
Lack of understanding, leading lives away from unity
That’s the reason why sometimes I’m feelin’ under
That’s the reason why sometimes I’m feelin’ down
There’s no wonder why sometimes I’m feelin’ under
Gotta keep my faith alive till love is found
Now ask yourself


Where is the love?
Where is the love?
Where is the love?
Where is the love?


[From/Source: Black Eyed Peas, “Where is the Love?”]

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Excerpts from “What Went Wrong?”

Picture below: The cover of the book, What Went Wrong.


Source/From: Lewis, Bernard. What Went Wrong? The Clash Between Islam and Modernity in the Middle East. 2002.

The following are excerpts from this New York Times Bestseller Book (and New York Times Notable Book). (I’m working on adding more excerpts.)


At the peak of Islamic power… Islam … created a world civilization, polyethnic, multiracial, international, one might even say intercontinental… [Islam] had achieved the highest level so far in human history in the arts and sciences of civilization… scholars and scientists in the Islamic world added an immensely important contribution through their own observations, experiments, and ideas. In most of the arts and sciences of civilization, medieval Europe was a pupil and in a sense a dependent of the Islamic world, relying on Arabic versions even for many otherwise unknown Greek works.” (pp.6-7)

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sun.jan.21: sunday football games…

Picture below: Tom Brady (left) and Peyton Manning go up against each other today (Sunday). Two legends-to-be… It promises to be an exhilarating game…


nfc and afc matchups later today, sunday, january 21st (with student names in parentheses):

(1) indianapolis colts (HajraB) vs new england patriots (JoeyA).

(2) new orleans saints (NadiaE) vs chicago bears (HajraB).

good luck, and may the best team win…

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sun.jan.21: eragon, the movie

[note of sun.jan.21.2007: i wrote this mini-reflection about the movie “eragon” about a month or so ago, but i had posted it on my previous blog site. i just transferred it to this blog site today.]


i liked the movie “Eragon” a lot. i give it a 9/10. i don’t think there was a time while i was watching the movie that i was also watching the clock (ok, so there is no clock to watch in the theaters, but you get the point, right?)

the one thing wrong with the movie was that sometimes, the plot or storyline went along too quickly and wasn’t realistic. for instance, when eragon is at the butcher’s place, eragon shows him the egg, and he tells eragon to leave, and without hesitation and with nearly deliberate suddenness (does this even make sense?), eragon left the butcher’s shop. i was expecting resistance on eragon’s part, but none was forthcoming. eragon just gave in too easily, it seemed.

but i guess the movie had to move from one scene to the next, and so it had to be pushed along artificially, so to speak. so i pardon the movie’s producer (or director?) for the rushed sequence, though i have no authority to pardon anyone.

besides the chop-chop-piness (ahem) of the movie, everything else was phenomenal. the acting of edward speleers was realistic and impressive. and then of course jeremy irons was just unbelievable. his character — Brom — was awesome. i loved the sarcasm and humor of Brom. it provided more than enough comic relief. i didn’t think much of jeremy irons until i saw him in “eragon.” i think the last movie i remember seeing him in was “die hard with a vengeance,” the bruce willis trilogy. the way he played Brom was in “Eragon” was just wow.

the scenes where Saphira was flying all over the place were also pretty neat. (one of my friends pointed this out to me before i watched the movie.) it seemed like the images were being taken from an f-117a stealth fighter’s cockpit. three letters: w.o.w. (omg would also work, right?)

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sat.jan.20: Food For Life

Source/From: Ornish, Dean. “Food for Life: The Simple Way to Beat Heart Disease.” Reader’s Digest magazine. February 2007.

divider 2

The following are 4 excerpts from this article on healthy living that I thought were pretty cool.

This “excerpt” is dedicated to the committed juice enthusiast, Mr. Nakashima, who said, and i quote, “Listen to me, I don’t care whether you’re poor or don’t have money, you need to get [the Breville Juice Fountain JE95XL] juicer. Beg your parents if you have to. “

1. There are thousands of substances in foods that help protect against heart disease, cancer and other diseases and slow the aging process. Many of these, of course, are found in fruits and vegetables.

2. Try these: Pomegranate… Cranberry… Grape… (look for the Concord variety)[;] Veggie…

3. But if you make your own juice, you can mix pulp back in.

4. The most healthful and delicious way to get juices is to make them yourself. Start with fresh produce; organic produce often tastes better. If you don’t have a juicer, put cut-up fruit, ice and water (or juice) in a blender, push the start button and voila!

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fri.jan.19: snow, ice, and a car (41secs.)

this is a video my mom’s friend sent my mom, and my mom sent me. it’s relevant because the car is covered with snow, and okc is covered in snow. the video clip itself was just okay, though — not hilarious… at least for me… but it’s short enough and interesting enough to warrant one viewing…

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thu.jan.18: “extra! extra! read all about it!”

read news

Copy of e-mail from Sister Tehmina Cheema, PTO President. (E-mail received Thursday, January 18th.)


School will be closed, Friday, January 19 due to inclement weather.

Thank You

Tehmina Cheema

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thu.jan.18: on “hugs” (this has become an underlying theme in my blog entries!)


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thu.jan.18: the renaissance hotel, dallas, texas.

Picture below: YS,KA,MS… backflip, anyone? lol!


Picture below: ACT science (physics) question: if you drop 7 cubes of ice from the 13th floor of a hotel, given that the acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 m/s2, how long will it take for the 7 ice cubes to hit the head of someone walking in the lobby? (ahem, KA&YS. lol!)


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little mosque on the prairie

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wed.jan.17: “Food for the Spirit”


From: Ibn Hagmagid, Imam Mohammed. “Food for the Spirit.” Islamic Horizons magazine. January/February 2007.

Here are three excerpts from this article I read a few days ago. These ideas were pretty thought-provoking. I didn’t write my personal reflections on these excerpts, but I was wondering what you think about them.

1. This prohibition might seem odd, as usually we say the value of something is based upon its rarity. Since God has blessed us with an abundance of water, it would seem to be of negligible value. But is this the only way of looking at the world? Is a hug from a loved one any less valuable because we receive it every day?

2. Let’s always remember the true origin of our food. Treat the basmallah [sic] that we recite before eating not just as a beginning, but as an approach to eating itself: a spirit of worship and thankfulness that continues through to the end of the meal and beyond.

3. … when someone prepares a delicious meal for us, we often praise his or her talent. But how often do we praise God for the deliciousness of what HE has created?


Thank you, T.AA, for the idea of typing the text in blogger, formatting it, and then transferring it to wordpress. It’s awesome!

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wed.jan.17: there will be no school on thursday, january 18th!

no school thursday. i’m getting sick of finding images on the web to put in my posts, cuz there have been waaaay too many days off school now. not that i’m complaining, you understand. lol. but sorry, no pictures today. let’s just be creative, cuz i’m lazy. let’s all just imagine that the white background is snow. there, much better, no? i apologize for being lazy, but i’m getting a severe case of carpal tunnel syndrome. lol!

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wed.jan.17: an awesome song (4mins.52secs.)

her intro in this video is kind of cool, the way she explains what the lyrics are about. i guess it’s a theme that has transcended time. think “dr. jekyll and mr. hyde” by r.l.stevenson, or even william james, who i luv, cuz he was just so smart and wise and all that (and, IA, he studied, then taught, at harvard, where you’ll be soon. alas, he didn’t have his own magazine! lol!). but i digress. as i was saying, williams james said: “Whenever two people meet, there are really six people present. There is each man as he sees himself, each man as the other person sees him, and each man as he really is.” (perception again, huh, IA? cool!)

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wed.jan.17: “it’s been a teacher of life.” (1min.21secs.)

were it that we could all fly and “be like mike.”

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wed.jan.17: duke vs michael jordan’s UNC (ahem, SK) (29secs)

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