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wed.jan.17: “Food for the Spirit”


From: Ibn Hagmagid, Imam Mohammed. “Food for the Spirit.” Islamic Horizons magazine. January/February 2007.

Here are three excerpts from this article I read a few days ago. These ideas were pretty thought-provoking. I didn’t write my personal reflections on these excerpts, but I was wondering what you think about them.

1. This prohibition might seem odd, as usually we say the value of something is based upon its rarity. Since God has blessed us with an abundance of water, it would seem to be of negligible value. But is this the only way of looking at the world? Is a hug from a loved one any less valuable because we receive it every day?

2. Let’s always remember the true origin of our food. Treat the basmallah [sic] that we recite before eating not just as a beginning, but as an approach to eating itself: a spirit of worship and thankfulness that continues through to the end of the meal and beyond.

3. … when someone prepares a delicious meal for us, we often praise his or her talent. But how often do we praise God for the deliciousness of what HE has created?


Thank you, T.AA, for the idea of typing the text in blogger, formatting it, and then transferring it to wordpress. It’s awesome!


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wed.jan.17: there will be no school on thursday, january 18th!

no school thursday. i’m getting sick of finding images on the web to put in my posts, cuz there have been waaaay too many days off school now. not that i’m complaining, you understand. lol. but sorry, no pictures today. let’s just be creative, cuz i’m lazy. let’s all just imagine that the white background is snow. there, much better, no? i apologize for being lazy, but i’m getting a severe case of carpal tunnel syndrome. lol!

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wed.jan.17: an awesome song (4mins.52secs.)

her intro in this video is kind of cool, the way she explains what the lyrics are about. i guess it’s a theme that has transcended time. think “dr. jekyll and mr. hyde” by r.l.stevenson, or even william james, who i luv, cuz he was just so smart and wise and all that (and, IA, he studied, then taught, at harvard, where you’ll be soon. alas, he didn’t have his own magazine! lol!). but i digress. as i was saying, williams james said: “Whenever two people meet, there are really six people present. There is each man as he sees himself, each man as the other person sees him, and each man as he really is.” (perception again, huh, IA? cool!)

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wed.jan.17: “it’s been a teacher of life.” (1min.21secs.)

were it that we could all fly and “be like mike.”

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wed.jan.17: duke vs michael jordan’s UNC (ahem, SK) (29secs)

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wed.jan.17: “redick for three!” (1min.31secs.)

you gotta love j.j. redick!

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