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sat.jan.20: Food For Life

Source/From: Ornish, Dean. “Food for Life: The Simple Way to Beat Heart Disease.” Reader’s Digest magazine. February 2007.

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The following are 4 excerpts from this article on healthy living that I thought were pretty cool.

This “excerpt” is dedicated to the committed juice enthusiast, Mr. Nakashima, who said, and i quote, “Listen to me, I don’t care whether you’re poor or don’t have money, you need to get [the Breville Juice Fountain JE95XL] juicer. Beg your parents if you have to. “

1. There are thousands of substances in foods that help protect against heart disease, cancer and other diseases and slow the aging process. Many of these, of course, are found in fruits and vegetables.

2. Try these: Pomegranate… Cranberry… Grape… (look for the Concord variety)[;] Veggie…

3. But if you make your own juice, you can mix pulp back in.

4. The most healthful and delicious way to get juices is to make them yourself. Start with fresh produce; organic produce often tastes better. If you don’t have a juicer, put cut-up fruit, ice and water (or juice) in a blender, push the start button and voila!


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