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sun.jan.21: eragon, the movie

[note of sun.jan.21.2007: i wrote this mini-reflection about the movie “eragon” about a month or so ago, but i had posted it on my previous blog site. i just transferred it to this blog site today.]


i liked the movie “Eragon” a lot. i give it a 9/10. i don’t think there was a time while i was watching the movie that i was also watching the clock (ok, so there is no clock to watch in the theaters, but you get the point, right?)

the one thing wrong with the movie was that sometimes, the plot or storyline went along too quickly and wasn’t realistic. for instance, when eragon is at the butcher’s place, eragon shows him the egg, and he tells eragon to leave, and without hesitation and with nearly deliberate suddenness (does this even make sense?), eragon left the butcher’s shop. i was expecting resistance on eragon’s part, but none was forthcoming. eragon just gave in too easily, it seemed.

but i guess the movie had to move from one scene to the next, and so it had to be pushed along artificially, so to speak. so i pardon the movie’s producer (or director?) for the rushed sequence, though i have no authority to pardon anyone.

besides the chop-chop-piness (ahem) of the movie, everything else was phenomenal. the acting of edward speleers was realistic and impressive. and then of course jeremy irons was just unbelievable. his character — Brom — was awesome. i loved the sarcasm and humor of Brom. it provided more than enough comic relief. i didn’t think much of jeremy irons until i saw him in “eragon.” i think the last movie i remember seeing him in was “die hard with a vengeance,” the bruce willis trilogy. the way he played Brom was in “Eragon” was just wow.

the scenes where Saphira was flying all over the place were also pretty neat. (one of my friends pointed this out to me before i watched the movie.) it seemed like the images were being taken from an f-117a stealth fighter’s cockpit. three letters: w.o.w. (omg would also work, right?)


Sunday, January 21, 2007 - Posted by | 700 the arts


  1. now i wanna c eragon. i wasn’t really interested in seeing it at first. i’m just not interested in magical and dragon stuff!lol..but now i think i’ll c it.=D

    Comment by Iman | Tuesday, January 23, 2007

  2. Dear Iman:

    yeah, i’m not that interested in dragon and magic stuff, either. i did want to see it, though, just for fun. and it was pretty cool, so i can’t complain. if you see it, let me know what u think!


    Comment by jworld | Wednesday, January 24, 2007

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