“… by any means necessary…”

Correct Answer, by Jack McCallum

“Correct Answer,” by Jack McCallum. Sports Illustrated magazine. January 8, 2007.

Here are some totally random excerpts from this article.  There is seemingly no rationale for the excerpts I have chosen.  It may even be unwise to read these excerpts, because, like I said, there is no sense to them.


… [Iverson] says, “I’m lickin’ my lips all the time” because they’re chapped from the cold.

… Iverson, whose only trip to the Finals with the 76ers, in 2001…

… the Dec. 16 Madison Square Garden melee…

(See, among others: Kobe-Shaq, The Last Years.)

… [Iverson]… donned the powder blue and yellow…

Guard DerMarr Johnson took number 8, willingly ceding his 3 to Iverson.

And unless the Nuggets are total dolts…

… there is the buzz in the seven-year-old Pepsi Center that hasn’t been there since, well, ever.

… because of his pell-mell style…

“Whatever Coach wants me to do,” said Iverson. “I’m just a general in his army.”


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