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thu.jan.18: on “hugs” (this has become an underlying theme in my blog entries!)



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thu.jan.18: the renaissance hotel, dallas, texas.

Picture below: YS,KA,MS… backflip, anyone? lol!


Picture below: ACT science (physics) question: if you drop 7 cubes of ice from the 13th floor of a hotel, given that the acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 m/s2, how long will it take for the 7 ice cubes to hit the head of someone walking in the lobby? (ahem, KA&YS. lol!)


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tues.jan.16: on jealousy


you know how sometimes you meet someone and you get to know them and you realize that they are really kind and altruistic (see RRV) and completely out to help others and they are only happy when something good happens to someone else, and they only want the best for others, but they never feel like they want anything bad to happen to others? well, that’s not me.

let me qualify that: that’s not me when it comes to *sports*. watching sports, not playing sports, that is. (now that i’m 19 years old, i’ve had to cut back on my dreams for competing in the 2008 beijing olympics. (but that’s why i’m gonna invest in my nephew! lol!)

this feeling of jealousy arises in me, like i said, when the issue is sports teams. see, i like certain sports teams, for various reasons. and like vince lombardi, the famed nfl coach who took the green bay packers on to win the first two super bowls, said: “winning isn’t everything — it’s the *only* thing.” [caveat: just because everyone quotes someone or something or quotes a proverb or axiom, it doesn’t mean it’s the truth, and it doesn’t mean that you have to accept and believe it without thinking 4 yourself. we all have a brain, and we all should use it. (see: lies my teacher told me, by james loewen.) for example, when they say it’s not about who wins or loses in, say, a basketball game, well, i’ll believe them when they stop keeping track of the score. (like T.AA says, Do you dig?)]

to a large extent, the idea of supporting a sports team is to support that team’s winning. and when two teams play against each other, if one wins, well, the other loses. so it’s blatantly obvious that when i root for my favored team to *win,* i am necessarily rooting for the opposing team to *lose.*

how do i get myself out of this moral dilemma? the dilemma that i want to do good, i want to be kind to others, and i want the best for everyone, yet i want a particular opposing team to lose. well, i’m gonna kind of cop out of this dilemma by saying that i’m kind of okay “rooting for the opposing team to *lose*” because IT’S JUST A GAME. and as a game, IT’S NOT SERIOUS.

there. that will help me sleep at night.

but for the record, when MY teams lose, IT IS SERIOUS, and IT ISN”T JUST A GAME! lol!

unfortunately, now i’m in another mess known as *hypocrisy.* but that’s for another day’s blog! (see procrastination). lol!

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mon.jan.15: my nephew (circa nov.2006)

here’s a short clip of my nephew. this was taken two months ago. since that time, he has turned 1 year old. he’s officially stronger than me. no joke: if you see the clip, you’ll believe it.

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mon.jan.15: yesterday’s “walk on the moon” — er, snow

i know there are skeptics out there who think i didn’t really walk outside last night, on the ice and snow. well, here’s some more proof that i was, in fact, out in the streets. the scene takes place at the intersection of 23rd street and villa avenue.

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mon.jan.15: quotations i would like to live my life by (this is a work in progress. if u have any quotations and want to share them, please do.)

  • “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” — Mark Twain.
  • “We don’t mourn because our loved one is dead, but because we loved that person.” — comment on Mr. Nakashima’s blog.
  • “Some are remembered as being great… But some are destined to be great, and it is those individuals who are remembered as legends.” — from AmericanMuslim
  • “I once had a sparrow alight upon my shoulder for a moment, while I was hoeing in a village garden, and I felt that I was more distinguished by that circumstance than I should have been by any epaulet I could have worn.” — Henry David Thoreau

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mon.jan.15: just for fun…

on families: momfathermy mom, me and my dad. (yeah, my dad loves wearing shorts… lol!)


on women (keep in mind my personal experience, where my sister is younger than me but more educated than me. so you could say this quotation is based on my real-life experience! lol!):

equality women


below are some fun bumper stickers. if you *get* them, then that’s pretty impressive.


math lottery



ttyl, buddy.

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mon.jan.15: a summary of my life…


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sun.jan.14: long walk to wal-mart (*not* based on nelson mandela’s book, “long walk to freedom.”)

on the news, they said it’s too dangerous to drive. they didn’t say it was too dangerous to walk. so i walked to wal-mart a short while ago. the sequence follows:

1. picture below: i am about to take a right turn at the intersection of 23rd street and villa.

snow 2

2. picture below: i have turned onto 23rd street. now i have to walk all the way past the 3 red lights, and about a hundred yards beyond those red lights is wal-mart, on the left. (note: you could see footsteps in the snow. who would think to walk out in the snow in this weather? gosh… lol!)

snow pic 1

3. picture below: i pass the three red lights, and i turn left, and there it is: the emerald city. sorry, this isn’t the wizard of oz — this is oklahoma city. my bad.

snow 3

disclaimer: please don’t try this at home. this walk was undertaken by a professional walker who has been walking for over 20 years now. if you’re gonna try it, try it *outside* the home, because there’s probably no snow *inside* your home.

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sat.jan.13: ihop


so i get to ihop around 10pm-ish, and i’m on the phone as i walk in the restaurant. i tell my friend on the phone that i’ll call them back, because i’ll have to get seated and talk to the host/ess at the restaurant, so it wouldn’t be nice to be talking on the phone at the same time. so i hang up on the phone, and i ask to be seated, and the hostess seats me, and she asks me if i want anything, and i say, yes, i want some coffee, and she leaves the table, and i call my friend on the phone again, and the lady brings the coffee, and then she hands me the menu and i think she’s waiting for a few minutes for me to give my order, and she walks near my table now and then, but i’m on the phone, and so i eventually tell the person i’m on the phone with that i’ll order my food and get back on the phone. (yes, this was a long sentence. yes, i was trying to be virginia-woolfesque in my writing style. no, it didn’t work as well as she made it work.) by now i’m pretty sure the waitress is upset at me, because it’s not the nicest thing to have to wait for someone who’s on their cell phone yapping away…

well, i place my order, my food comes, and by this time i’m off the phone and instead i have this magazine i brought with me on my table. the waitress comes by and asks me if she can peruse my magazine. so i handed her the magazine. i saw that she was looking at something that she apparently found interesting in the magazine, and when she returned to give me my magazine, i asked her what she found so interesting in it. well, she was looking at a certain movie personality. i had seen this person’s movie, and i asked her if she had seen the movie, and she said no.

time passes. she returns after a while and asks to see the magazine again. i say okay, again. and she shares the magazine picture with some friend of hers. then she returns the magazine to me.

in the end, although we didn’t say that much other stuff, i figured we were at least not at each other’s throats. because i didn’t like the way i was on the phone when she was waiting to take my order, and i figured she’d hate me for that for the rest of my life. but i guess the magazine was the means to an end, and the “end” was the absence of animosity.

so that was interesting…

2 other interesting but kind of unrelated things are the following:

(1) it takes icy roads to get me to drive below the speed limit… okay, okay, you got me — even on icy roads i’m a speed demon (a la wacko jacko)!

speed limit

(2) i gave it some serious thought, and i think that in my university class, the only student who should be allowed to give the excuse that “the dog at my homework” would be a post-office mail-delivery person. don’t u agree?

oh, one more interesting thing i realized: february 20th is national pancake day at ihop. you gotta love it!

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fri,jan.12: posting comments

i just posted comments on one of my friends’ blog… er, one of my friend’s blog… er, i just posted comments on a blog of a friend of mine. (i luv it when i could avoid proper english regarding possessive and apostrophe and plural stuff by just changing the way i write the sentence. of course, as much as i luved doing that in high school, my english teacher used to beat me over my head for it. but wounds heal, people, wounds heal. bad writing, on the other hand, *doesn’t* heal…)

anyways, it was cool to read about the entries my friend had in his blog. there’s nothing we know that we haven’t learned from someone else — either a person or a book written by someone else or whatever. and so it’s awesome to read what others have written.

and what my friend wrote was pretty awesome stuff. deep and philosophical awesome stuff.

thanks, Mr. Nakashima.

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