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busy, busy, busy…


hello, Everyone!

i hope all’s well. i’m quite busy these days. hence the lack of posts/entries on my blog.

i had just enough time to post the above picture onto my blog. it’s from Iman. thanks, Iman. it’s pretty cute. enjoy.


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fri,jan.12: cats (sorry, not the musical)

here are my cats. well, not really *my* cats. they just hang out around my house. they’re like watchdogs, except they aren’t dogs, and they don’t wear watches (thx AR!). so i guess they’re not at *all* like watchdogs.

now, the problem (thinking skill) i’m facing is that i’m out of meow mix. yes, that’s the stuff these cats eat. i gotta head over to wal-mart and pick up some meow mix for them cats. i don’t know if the cats will be waiting outside the entrance door for me today, or this weekend, because of the cold and ice. but just in case they show up, i should have some food for them. and yesterday, i ran out of meow mix. (your Honor, i promise i didn’t eat any of it.)

i guess after i shell out the 10 bucks or so for the meow mix, to feed the cats, i’ll have to push back the time when i’ll be able to afford the iphone. let’s see: that’s 10 bucks gone, and at my current salary, carry the 1, subtract the 3 — yeah, okay, unfortunately i won’t be getting the iphone in 2009. i’m gonna have to wait until 2013.

i guess the only good news about waiting until 2013 is that i’ll only be 29 years old then. phew… (wait a minute — why are my pants on fire?)



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th,jan.11 – university class

okay. today was tough. i had a class from 5:30pm to 9pm. we had a ten-minute break in the middle, but basically, it was three-and-a-half hours of class. omg. talk about punishment, right? oh, well. let’s move on… here are some interesting things that took place in class:

1. my professor is actually a graduate of dartmouth college. that’s where my brother went to college, so that’s kind of cool. i wanted to bring this up with my professor today, but he had to leave early for some reason, so i didn’t get a chance to talk to him. oh, another thing is that he’s in the administration of the oklahoma school of science and math. are you thinking what i’m thinking? mmm… sounds like a good idea, i’ll say!

dartmouth frisbee

2. we were talking about definitions in class, just like in middle school we want to focus on definitions. one definition our professor brought up was that of a “crime.” how do we define a crime? stealing? killing? talking behind another person’s back? saying a bad word? and somehow, our professor brought up bill gates. and he said that bill gates has no reason to commit the crime of stealing, because he’s already so rich. then he added, “however, people *do* think that every time bill gates comes out with another version of windows, that’s a crime to the public, because the public has to upgrade and all that.” the reason why (this is explicit, Scholars) i brought this up is because one of my peerless colleagues, T.AA, likes — likes is a weak word, just like people say “hate” is a strong word… lol… — the macintosh. (sorry, i’ll capitalize it. it deserves the respect: Macintosh. lol…) and i thought that T.AA would be amused by what my professor said. lol…

bill gates

3. we had to look up research articles and publications from the online database at the university. i was looking up podcasts and other technological advances that could be used in the field of education, and i came upon an article about the new iphone, which — you guessed it — our resident Macintosh Specialist, T.AA, introduced me to. it’s a pretty interesting gadget: a cell phone, a web browser, and an ipod (mp3 player). and it’s all touchscreen. i think the term they use is “multitouch” or something like that. the only thing that’ll keep me from getting my hands on one of them iphones this june — they come out in june — is my salary. i did the math, and at the rate i’m going, if i save half my monthly salary every month, i *will* be able to buy the iphone in june — of 2009!

iphone banner


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wed,jan.10: “my enemy was in my sights…”


so i get to the bookstore, and i find a nice chair that’s usually occupied, because it’s such a nice chair, and i sit down. now, i’m on the phone with a buddy of mine, and there’s a person sitting on another chair about five feet away. this other person — we’ll call her “S” — was reading something. she also had a blackberry phone. so i’m talking on the phone with this buddy of mine, and i figure S might get annoyed that i’m talking while she’s reading, but i figure talking on the phone isn’t so bad, and we’re in a bookstore not a library, so i don’t have to be so quiet that i can’t talk on the phone. and then it happens: the dreaded “look.” S was originally facing somewhat away from me, but then she turns her head to me, and i see her give me that “look.” yes, *that* look. the one that says, “excuse me, punk, but you’re disturbing me. now scram, before i have to take this outside with you.” so i says [sic] to myself, i says, “nothing new. i just made another enemy. happens all the time.” and, in fact, i told this buddy of mine, who was on the phone with me — i said this loud and clear — i said, “you know what, i probably should hang up, because i just got a mean look from someone here at the bookstore.” yes, your honor, i knew that S could hear me. no, your honor, i don’t think i was being too mean.

in any case, i hang up with my buddy and i start doing some studying stuff. after a while, we start a conversation, and it turns out that S is a pretty non-mean person (see negation). she was reading about producing a movie, and she was going to film a movie here in oklahoma. she already got investors to pay for the movie production. she said she previously had worked in politics, in washington, d.c., *in* the capitol itself — wow! — and she had done that for some 10 years, and then she was kind of done with that. so she now was pursuing (see: vocabulary) a career in the field of education! what a coincadink (thx, N.D., for that word… is that right?)! why a coincidence, you ask? well, i mean, she’s pursuing a career in the *field* of education, and i used to play baseball on a baseball *field*! who would have thunk… but seriously, she is currently going to college to be a teacher. next semester or so, she starts her student-teaching. we actually talked about lesson plans a bit — exciting, i know.

and it turns out that S actually has a radio show! omg! she’s on air on 890AM from 4-5pm, mondays thru thursdays! her talk show is called “oklahoma political tailgate hour.” she told me to call in and give my opinion on whatever they’re talking about on air, but i told her i don’t like to eat onions… the last thing i remember is that she got up to hit me, and then i was getting a free ride in an ambulance!

okay, the last part of the last paragraph wasn’t true. but the part about where she said to call in to her talk show is true. isn’t that cool?

and oh yeah, she studied economics and international relations when she got her *first* college degree! (her education degree she is pursuing right now is her *second* college degree!) so naturally, that reminded me (see: what does this remind me of?) of one of my colleagues, who not only studied film, but also edited material for the United Nations (see: T.TL)! and i mentioned this fact to S, and that was cool…

overall, it was interesting how S was initially my enemy, and then we got along fine. who would have thunk?

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AUTOBIOG/lunch today…

today was cool…

i had lunch with some friends of mine. (i use the term “friends” loosely, you see. lol.) we ate lunch. we talked about school and e-mails and movies and e-mails and cell phones and e-mails… did i mention we talked about e-mails?

one of my friends — or so i thought — was apparently deleting all the e-mails i sent. (no, Khalid, this i’m not talking about you. you’re one of the nicer people in the world, because when you delete my e-mails, at least you don’t tell it to my face… lol…) they wouldn’t even open the envelope to check my mail — wait, envelopes are *so* five minutes ago… man i KNOW you ain’t talkin’ to ME!… talk to the hand, cuz the ears be busy (Thx SA)…

sorry, the voices in my head kind of took over for a while. speaking of “voices in my head,” the movie a beautiful mind is, well, a beautiful movie. (i was reminded of the movie because in the movie, john nash imagines things that aren’t real, just like the “voices in my head.”) it’s based on a true story, as you may already know. i read the biography of john nash, by sylvia nasar. it, too, is entitled a beautiful mind. and his life story is definitely something unique and incredible. NE, was it you who was saying how it’s so cool in the movie when John Nash sees the patterns (see: math) in the newspaper letters and words, and it’s shown on the screen as the letters being highlighted? that was awesome in the movie… SK, wasn’t a beautiful mind the movie you recommended to me back in 1974?

john nash fbi or cia place

Picture (above): John Nash sees patterns and order on the screen full of numbers, in the FBI offices (i think that’s where this was).

but i digress. back to my original topic, about lunch. lunch was awesome. thx…

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AUTOBIOG/my trip to maryland

on my way back from maryland, i met a couple of people. here are my “single-serving friends,” as td says in the movie, “fc.”

  1. dartmouth college i met a lady who was wearing a dartmouth sweatshirt. my bro went there, and so i asked her if she was a student there, and she said no, she taught there. she teaches film (see Lore, Teacher Terri). i actually met her in the cincinnati airport — good luck, osu, in the bcs championship — and i found out that she was on her way to okc, like me. i asked her if she saw the boise state-OU game, and she said she watched it until near the very end, and when she assumed OU was gonna win, she stopped watching.
  2. penn statea lady was wearing a penn state sweatshirt. she had about a 14-month old kid with her, a cute little boy. the boy was staring at me for a while, and she asked him why he was staring at me. then i asked her if she attended penn state university, and she said yes. i congratulated her school on winning in their bcs football game. i also mentioned that i had interviewed at penn state’s medical school, and the people there were incredibly friendly. (i even have a penn state baseball jersey that i bought when i was in new york.) in the meantime, i had been reading a magazine with a 4-color pen in my hand, and her son came up to me and took my pen from me. he would come towards me after a few seconds, put his hand out like he was returning the pen to me, and just when the pen touched my fingers, he would pull his hand away and take the pen with him. in the end, i told the lady her son could keep the pen, because i figured people from penn state are so nice, and i want to be like them!

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