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How life got started

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primordial soup
(Note: The above picture of the “primordial soup” is used figuratively, not literally! And that twisted ladder thinggy is…)

The report in our science book published by Glencoe said that scientist say people came from meteorites, and said you might have thought differently through religion. Through religion we came from Adam and Eve, The first people on earth. Religion says that God sent down Adam and Eve for taking a fruit from a tree. So God sent down Adam and Eve to earth as a punishment and they reproduced and their children reproduced and so on and so fourth. What some scientist say that a meteorites hit earth. So when the meteorites hit earth molecules came and combined with each other. So some of them came and into water or land near the water so when they came in it made bubbles. The bubbles went up and took the molecules in side like a test tube. So when the bubbles hit each other it reacted. Then made an animal then evolution happened. And then it became complex in cells some were simple some were complex and some were just in the middle. I will give you an example of each simple: bacteria, middle: fly, complex: humans/dinosaurs. Not every one agrees with the scientist. Muslims, Christian, and Jews believe that God sent down Adam and Eve. Buda’s think we humans were just on earth.



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Tues, Jan9: Mercy6

cool stuff today in class:

  • On the Mathematics Education website it says, “Other discipline’s PASS skills can be found on the PASS web page.” In class today, AH pointed out the redundancy (vocab!!) of saying “PASS skills.”  Very perceptive, AH. You da man!

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mercy6: Fri, 5 Jan 2007

in our class discussion, some of the coolest comments…

  1. ZQ mentioned that the three categories (or classes) of science that is in the curriculum included, well, *three* things.  awesome.  [Oops.  Sorry.  I was reminded in class today (Mon, 1/7) that AH also mentioned the critical thinking “three” in our last class, referring to the three classes/categories of science.  Sorry, AH!  My bad…]
  2. hmm…

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to-see list of movies

here are some movies others have recommended to me. thx for the recommendations.


“freedom writers,” with hillary swank and some guy from grey’s anatomy —–> IA, NE, RS

“i, robot” with will smith —–> AR

jan.2007:  i watched this movie!:  “lean on me” —–> T.AA

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