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thu.jan.18: “extra! extra! read all about it!”

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Copy of e-mail from Sister Tehmina Cheema, PTO President. (E-mail received Thursday, January 18th.)


School will be closed, Friday, January 19 due to inclement weather.

Thank You

Tehmina Cheema


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wed.jan.17: there will be no school on thursday, january 18th!

no school thursday. i’m getting sick of finding images on the web to put in my posts, cuz there have been waaaay too many days off school now. not that i’m complaining, you understand. lol. but sorry, no pictures today. let’s just be creative, cuz i’m lazy. let’s all just imagine that the white background is snow. there, much better, no? i apologize for being lazy, but i’m getting a severe case of carpal tunnel syndrome. lol!

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tues.jan.16: no school wednesday

school’s out

hello, world:

i hope all’s well.

BK told me that there’s no school tomorrow (ie wednesday). thanks, BK. you da man! they say we shoot the messenger (not “messenger” as related to religion), but that’s when we hear bad news from a messenger. when the messenger brings good news (see gospel), we celebrate the messenger!

so thank you again, BK!

be safe,


ps is dove open tomorrow (wednesday)? i’m assuming not… go rockets, go rockets, go-go go rockets! (oh, sorry, i got a little carried away there… my bad… lol!)

pps if you’ve got time, you can check out the blog of my pal and bro. the link is on the top right of my blog page. it’s under the heading “blogroll.” the link is entitled, “memoirs of an american muslim.” my bro told me for every comment someone leaves, he’ll mail them a 10-dollar check. (that’s double the going rate, for those keeping count.) lol!

ppps does anyone know if blog posts are admissible as evidence in US courts? i’m worried my pal and bro is gonna sue me soon. lol!

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no school

mercy school students: no school tuesday, january 16th! this is official. our dedicated Principal, Mrs. Miniimah Muhammad, just called me and let me know that there will be no school tomorrow, tuesday, january 16th. (no, these aren’t tears of joy… where are the extra kleenex boxes? no, wait, i need a bucket to contain these tears… oh, the humanity! lol!)

but seriously, tomorrow’s a day off for mercy school students. enjoy, ladies and gentlemen, enjoy. believe me, some of my best days throughout my schooling were when i found out school was canceled. seriously. enjoy.

ttyl, friends.

ps (written on mon.jan.15): 6th and 8th Scholars, we were already supposed to have our first semester tests by now. what we’ll do is, since school days are being knocked out like bowling pins, the first day we get back to school, we will *NOT* have our semester test. we will have our semester test the *second* day we get back to school. i hope this is clear?

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