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some pics from the PTO/Board dinner… thx, PTO, Board Members, and Dr. Ghazali!

i luv the first 4 pics! thx for the pics, Yazan S!

click here to see the pics in a new window…

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Islamic Horizons, January/February 2007.

Source/From:  National News / Congress Gets First Muslim Lawmaker.

Here are some random excerpt(s) from this article:

… [CAIR], an umbrella organization linking eleven Islamic organizations. Mahdi Bray, executive director of the Muslim American Society (MAS), compared [Keith] Ellison’s victory to Edward Brooke’s election in 1966 as the first black senator since the 1870s.

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Superbowl Poetry (an oxymoron?)


Consider football,

On the upcoming Superbowl.

Like Urlacher the wall,

The Bears are on a roll.

Sunny Miami calls,

With backs finding the holes.

Indy may fall,

Nothing in sight but the goal.


[If you’ve finished reading the poem, you probably realize why I ain’t no poet. Now I may not be a poet, but I will say this: I have a prediction about the game on Superbowl Sunday. And that prediction is read by looking at the first letter of each line.  Of course, you could have guessed which team I’m rooting for by glancing at the text and highlight colors!]


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Correct Answer, by Jack McCallum

“Correct Answer,” by Jack McCallum. Sports Illustrated magazine. January 8, 2007.

Here are some totally random excerpts from this article.  There is seemingly no rationale for the excerpts I have chosen.  It may even be unwise to read these excerpts, because, like I said, there is no sense to them.


… [Iverson] says, “I’m lickin’ my lips all the time” because they’re chapped from the cold.

… Iverson, whose only trip to the Finals with the 76ers, in 2001…

… the Dec. 16 Madison Square Garden melee…

(See, among others: Kobe-Shaq, The Last Years.)

… [Iverson]… donned the powder blue and yellow…

Guard DerMarr Johnson took number 8, willingly ceding his 3 to Iverson.

And unless the Nuggets are total dolts…

… there is the buzz in the seven-year-old Pepsi Center that hasn’t been there since, well, ever.

… because of his pell-mell style…

“Whatever Coach wants me to do,” said Iverson. “I’m just a general in his army.”

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mercy6: Mon, 8 Jan 2007

today wasn’t too good a day.

two of us weren’t feeling well. IC, i hope you’re feeling better. and AA, i hope your back is better. (make sure you don’t do any chores at home! just sit and watch tv or read! tell your parents it’s for your own good not to do any physical work around the house! lol…) maybe this cartoon will cheer you up?

back pain acupuncture

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Mercy 6th Grade Student-Scholars / Social Studies

“Allah’s Recruits,” an article in “Time” magazine (August 26, 2006).

**The following are excerpts of reflections on the above article by Middle School Scholars. Reflections were completed by early September, 2006. In these reflections, the focus is on thoughts and ideas.
**Notes: Actual names are not used for reasons of privacy. If you want your name indicated, please let me know.


“I personally think the people are becoming Muslim because Bush is telling everyone Muslims are bad and Muslims are terrorists so the non-Muslims said, “well, since Bush is saying that they are bad I’ll research Muslims on the Net.”

“Muslims are replying wrong to the media the media is saying bad stuff about us we are responding in the wrong way we should send the media letters and be nice not go marching burning things and bombing the media stations.”

“We should always have faith in Allah or he might stop the blessings he has given us.”

“I think that some of the sentences are not true.”

“I believe as muslims we should set a good example for the wrong doers.”

“Many muslims are targeted and sometimes arrested for refusing to obey laws for Allah. inshallah they will be rewarded.”

junaid: The following is an excellent concluding sentence: “I just presented my opninion as best as I could to prove my point which I will mention again, we should get rid of the wrong way of Islam and help the non-believers.”

junaid: Another awesome concluding sentence: “So I guess really, to sum this all up, all I’m really trying to say is………. be a good muslim!”

junaid: Our reflections are like journals and allow for Virginia Woolf’s stream-of-consciousness writing style: “Wait, I’m scattering things, let me start again.”

junaid: The following sentences are the beginning and ending parts, respectively, of the same reflection. Note how the beginning ties in so perfectly with the ending: “This review about Allah’s Recruits is going to make your mind wonder!” / “So I hope this made your mind wonder.”

“This story touched my heart since when people see this man he will be a role-model to a lot of Christian people unlike Bin-Laden.”

junaid: An excellent example of a critical analysis of the article: “Back to the subject a lot of this is right but not all of it like ‘society’s rules are getting looser’ that’s not completely true, but others are right like when it says people start reading the Quran out of curiosity.”

“… Osama bin laden he’s a muslim why is he doing all these wars because he is against his own people, muslims. why it does not make sense throwing bombs at people it’s not a nice thing it only does not hurt those people. all there whose beloved ones died sitting here relaxing, eating, watching tv those little children did not have a chance to do all we are doing right now all of them are innocent so why them, besides killing we should help them…”

“… we should stop and think before we do anything.”

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Mercy Science Fair Journal (2006-2007)

journal 4

journal page 3sc journal pg 1.2journal 2.2

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6th Grade Scholars: Social Studies / Semester 1

We played “heads up, seven up” in our 6th grade class this past week (December 20-22). (Thank you. Teachers Hafsa and Abeer for sharing the game with our students last year — we enjoyed playing it this school year to review for our first semester test!) 

 Aamr was the student-teacher who served as the leader. Some of the questions were about the following topics: “application” in bloom’s taxonomy; word parts, such as those that would help our students guess the meanings of terms like diatomic, thermodynamics, or hydrophobic;  and maslow’s hierarchy of needs (which Sister Mona and her baby helped explain to us, and which led Areebah and Sonia to develop their first theory!).


Basil in deep thought…

basil thought


Aamr uses the notes to ask questions covering the entire semester…

aamr notes


Basil “rises” to the challenge, by standing up (pun intended).



Sakeena stands / Areebah’s hands / Sonia and Jasmine / Hamood flies in!  (btw, nice shirt, Hamood…  could I get an orange ticket?  lol!)

sakeena areebah


Aamr and Ali use the class notes to explain answers.

aamr notes


Zoha signals the paparazzi to stop taking pictures of the celebrities on the red (gray?) carpet

zoha paparazzi


Sakeena is in shock!

sakeena shock


Ali organizes the papers. (Ali, I owe you at least THREE orange tickets! lol!).

ali papers

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